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Home: Exclusive Developments: Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach

Price: $34,000 Property ID#: 2003000300
Size: approximately one acre
w/100 ft of waterfront
Location: Cayo Agua (View Map)

Now Selling!

Driftwood Beach is a beautiful stretch of beachfront property so named because of the significant amounts of driftwood that wash ashore there. Offshore currents and the location of the property at the southernmost tip of Cayo Agua contribute to this phenomenon. It is truly a driftwood collectors dream come true. The property fronts on the crystal clear waters of Laguna de Chiriqui and offers spectacular views of the mountains that make up the Central Cordillera of Panama. To the rear of the property you will find several creeks and a dense tropical jungle where large numbers of parrots and other native birds make their home. The property is in pristine condition and well suited for buy and hold investment strategies as well as for building an island getaway or an eco-resort.

We are offering approximately one acre parcels of this magnificent property starting at $34,000 per 100 feet. There is over a thousand feet of beachfront available so you can tailor your purchase to meet your needs.

Call today for information on how we can help make your dreams come true.

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